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What We Do

Building dynamic event sponsorships through television and digital sales strategies from concept to SUCCESS! With over 40 years of combined sales experience.

Asset Sales

Addressing the growing demand in the event industry for multi-tiered digital advertising strategies.

Giant Screens

We can provide a technical solution all the way to production.

Easy to customize

Delivering all facets of media sales, digital sales and social media platforms


Mission Statement

Providing value sales and consulting to clients and professional organizations by thinking BIGGER, planning BETTER and executing FASTER the marketing and sponsorship needs in the sports, entertainment and event industries.

About Us

Mobile Advertising was created in 2005 to address the growing demand for sponsorship and advertising needs in the event industry. Mobile Advertising has over 40 years of combined experience generating successful TV and digital sales, event sponsorships and advertising that allow for seamless marketing and advertising campaigns from start to finish — from concept to SUCCESS.

Mobile Advertising is a synergistic company that utilizes all of its resources and partners to deliver a cost-effective and substantial advertising, sponsorship and social media campaign for events throughout North America. Mobile Advertising prides itself on its professional staff to bring all facets of the media sales, digital sales and social media platforms needed to create a fluid and tasteful visual marketing campaign for our clients. Mobile Advertising is your SOURCE for all key aspects of visual display including ad creation and production.




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